9 SEO Tips and Tricks Beginners Need to Know In 2020

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What Is SEO?

SEO is a part of Digital Marketing and it does stand for Search Engine Optimization. It’s an exercise of improving positions in specific search engine’s organic listings. In other words, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique of optimizing your website for search engines to climb the ladder of SERPs for a certain keyword. Still, confused? Then alright, let me make you understand it even further: If you want to be found in any particular search engine’s non-pad listings, then you have to take steps towards the SEO.

SEO is the trick on which you have to work on. Because it starts with your business and ends with your customers. When you’ll explore the SEO before 2010, it was like nothing to do with, just insert the keyword, keyword, and keyword to get rank on the first page. But, nowadays, SEO is not so easy because all the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and many more have been very smart timely.

Types Of SEO

There are 3 types of SEO

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO
  3. Grey Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

Normally, white hat SEO is easily understandable as its name indicates. White hat SEO points out all the activities staying within the search engines’ guidelines. In which you have to work towards the search engines’ rules & instructions.

Types Of White Hat SEO

  1. SEO Onpage (Technical SEO)
  2. Offpage SEO
  3. Local SEO
  4. App Store Optimization
  5. YouTube SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is the use of manipulative techniques to increase a web page’s visibility or rank in search results. Negative SEO is part of it. These techniques are disapproved practices that increase page rankings in a SERP by going against that search engine’s terms of service.

Cloaking, doorway pages, hidden text, link farms, sneaky redirects are some of the practices of black hat SEO.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO techniques are a combination of both Black Hat SEO and white hat SEO. These practices mainly deal with dubious tactics that some of them could become a black hat. Similarly, Negative SEO is the common technique which can be used in both white hat & black hat SEO on other websites to get them penalized by Google.
SEO squatting, using spun content, buying links, negative SEO, domain grabbing is some of the practices of grey hat SEO.

Google E-A-T Score

I could have described this most important part of this beginners guide to SEO at the very beginning of the same guide. But, I am narrating it here at the end of this guide, just because to make you understand it easily. What is Google E-A-T Score: It is something that matters more while looking into the score of a website in total. It also affects the ranking of the website overall.

Keyword Research Will Be Even More Important

Google has evolved from being a search engine to an answer engine. Although the manner in which keywords were used in web pages to improve relevance has changed, the foundation of your SEO strategy still rests on keyword research.

Influences Will Improve Your Site’s Engagement Metrics

The engagement metrics that play an important role in rankings are:

  1. Bounce Rate: Refers to the percentage of visitors who visit your website and then leave without visiting any other pages on your site.
  2. Dwell Time: The time between when a person clicks on a search result and when they leave that page.
  3. Time on Page: The amount of time a visitor spends reading a single page on your website.
  4. Return Visits: The number of visitors who land on your site again after having visited it before.
  5. Click to Call: The number of click-to-call requests that are made to connect with your business.
  6. Comments: The number of comments that people leave about your business or your content.
  7. Social Shares: The number of social shares your content receives.

Video Will Be Crucial for Your SEO Strategy

96% of people agreed that watching videos helped them learn more about a product or service. Hence, incorporating videos into your SEO strategy is a great way to improve brand engagement.

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